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Distributed content compositing tool

The video below illustrates a project I worked on last summer in collaboration with James Moore for his PHD. The bulk of the system was written in AS3 for Adobe Air. FFMPEG via AS3’s native-process functionality was at the heart of the video processing and Dropbox was the method...
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sharpen the blur

Three key focus areas to sharpen the blurry focus of my research and one follow on topic: Perceptions of staff and students of the term “digital literacy” (Doug Rushkoff) Whether staff and students feel that technology deepens the connections in institutions (Sherry Turkle) Perceptions of what could be deemed...
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Sociologist Prof Manuel Castells

website Alternative Economic Cultures Duration: 30 minutes – First broadcast Monday 15 October 2012 Paul Mason interviews renowned sociologist Prof Manuel Castells about the rise of alternative economic cultures since the financial crisis. Recorded in front of an audience at the London School of Economics on Monday 8th October. First...
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Sherry Turkle

Abby Rockefeller Mauzé Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology Director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self Program in Science, Technology, and Society Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Doug Rushkoff

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