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Flashing GRBL to the new Arduino (2015)

I recently spent an hour of tinkering and struggling trying to upload the GRBL hex file to Arduino via the mac terminal. I tried a lot of different parameters and in the end realised that most of the tutorials are for the older Arduino and the new Arduino communicates...
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ServoHarp close up

ServoHarp – Ollie Williams (Digital Media 2nd year)

  The ServoHarp is an excellent example of student work to come out of the Digital Media course at Falmouth University. At the core of this automated harp is an Arduino Mega and a midi shield. As it stands, the harp receives midi input from Ableton and actuates the...
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Seriously good set of Arduino tutorials

Just stumbled upon this seriously impressive set of Arduino tutorials. Each video covers an important technical aspect for integrating the Arduino with other hardware, starting from the very basic blinking LED examples and then moving through more complex concepts such as I2C and SPI. The videos are clear and...
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Super simple video triggering server & client

Student Idea: The aim was to have an Arduino driven tangible interface which allowed the user to make decisions and as a consequence different screens would output different videos(could be more than 10 screens). I advised the student to build this project with processing due to its ease of compatibility...
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