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fractal to represent a digital sneeze

Digital sneeze

This morning I was involved in the digital documentation of a conference about creative, connected learning. It was a fairly complex set up with multiple cameras, live mixed with audio from atmos and radio microphones. We were also tasked with interviewing guest in the intervals about their experiences at...
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How to Read Academic Papers (Without Losing Your Mind)

Quick notes: 3 Pass read through frame work: Abstract, introduction, conclusion, section headings and any tables or diagrams. Ask yourself: what is the point or thesis? what are the main arguments? why is it important? how does it contribute to my field? TRY TO SUMMARISE THE PAPER WITH A SENTENCE...
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Sly wrapper released (bumpy beta!)

There is still some work to be done for documenting the plugin within the wordpress readme.txt but the plugin is now available @ I am looking forward to feedback and to add more features to the plugin.
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SlyWrapper (wordpress plugin write-up)

SlyWrapper WordPress plugin (19/11/12) A rough version of the write-up for a wordpress plugin I am working on and a mock up for a banner that might go with the plugin.   Description: SlyWrapper is a WordPress short-code plugin that implements a horizontal scrolling panel to display all posts of...
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header for NFC

NFC implant reality!

Things happen pretty quick around here. Just been googling around the idea of an implant and found a site called dangerousthings which actually sell the tag and implant kit I want. So excited, I intend to order this in the next couple of weeks so hopefully pictures of implant coming...
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NFC tag implant?

Looking at existing implants… how would I get an NFC tag in my arm? Nothings new… BIOHACKING This is becoming a serious consideration for me. I am aware that at the moment NFC tags can’t hold as much data as RFID or UHF tags but the convenience of reading...
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A really informative video that frames the term anthropocene in the context of civilisation, industry and technology. According to wikipedia this phrase was coined by ecologist Eugene F. Stoermer, to depict a point in time where the human impact on nature has rissen massively, to the point where it has ushered...
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Super simple video triggering server & client

Student Idea: The aim was to have an Arduino driven tangible interface which allowed the user to make decisions and as a consequence different screens would output different videos(could be more than 10 screens). I advised the student to build this project with processing due to its ease of compatibility...
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First meet

Ten Commandments – starting point Embryonic pedagogic site on Ning – LINK The proposal is not a concrete mass and is moldable throughout the year.   Supervisory support:  who is this? Frame the question then create sub sections.   Summary Article maybe for publication?   Angela’s topic – language...
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Dr. Damian Sutton

Damian Sutton from UCF MEDIA on Vimeo. The University College Media Centre team recently live streamed a talk by Dr. Damian Sutton, the above embed is the result. The streaming was done as a live, 2 camera edit using a grass valley vision mixer to manage the video feeds...
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