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Staff interview pilot

In order to truly gauge how students perceive the role of pervasive and social technologies in the classroom, it is important to investigate the alternative arguments. Its a bit convoluted but I wonder how the educators perceive the perceptions of the students in terms of tech in the classroom....
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ServoHarp close up

ServoHarp – Ollie Williams (Digital Media 2nd year)

  The ServoHarp is an excellent example of student work to come out of the Digital Media course at Falmouth University. At the core of this automated harp is an Arduino Mega and a midi shield. As it stands, the harp receives midi input from Ableton and actuates the...
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Feature image of a beatle

DIY Cyborg insects

Over the last few years, occasionally, a new cyborg animal project pops up on the blogosphere. Most of the time half of me thinks WOW that has a million and one applications and the other half climbs high up on its pedestal making claims of animal cruelty and needless meddling. My...
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More question suggestions

SUB-QUESTION: Is there still an apparent learner / teacher digital divide and if so how is this perceived by the learner? QUESTION 1: How would you rate your digital literacy? Strength: It is important to try and gauge the students perception of their own skills. Weakness: By what level does the student...
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Lavin, A., Korte, L., & Davies, T. (2009). The impact of classroom technology on student behavior. Journal of Technology Research, 1–13.

What issue is being addressed? The focus of this journal article is not on how well technology performs within the classroom, or how to optimise its use, the authors are more concerned with student perceptions of the usefulness of technology in the classroom. The most interesting issue that is...
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Rushkoff, D., 2010. Program or be programmed, Soft Skull Press.

*** NOT A GOOD LITERACY REVIEW BUT ITS DONE NOW *** Doug Rushkoff has written ten simple commandments for the survival of “homo-interneticus”. The book has been written in a language that is very accessible, which I believe is an attempt to reach out to an audience that might not...
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Facebook stats from students?

Whether I like it or not, a lot of my research will be based in and around the connections made on Facebook. It is important to get a sense of how students are using social networks. After a quick google search I stumbled upon WolphramAlpha’s Facebook analytics app. This...
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Survey Questions

I have never had the pleasure of planning, testing and then releasing a survey into the general public. When I first started thinking about designing a survey I thought it would be a simple 5 minute task. The more I look at what I am trying to achieve in...
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Seriously good set of Arduino tutorials

Just stumbled upon this seriously impressive set of Arduino tutorials. Each video covers an important technical aspect for integrating the Arduino with other hardware, starting from the very basic blinking LED examples and then moving through more complex concepts such as I2C and SPI. The videos are clear and...
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Spider Dress feature image


“As with with much of Wipprecht’s past work, the space of the body is once again transformed into a stage where the garment becomes the leading actor. “ Mechanically, this garment could easily be a hexapod kit halved and mounted on to shoulder braces, this being said the overall...
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