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Final Survey

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Couple of good quotes from Next Nature – Nature changes along with us

15 years ago, you wondered if you really needed a mobile phone. Five years ago even your grandmother had one. Nowadays, if you leave the house without it, it feels like you are missing a limb. The red flashing light (normally used incases of emergency rather than communication) indicate...
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The Cinema – questioning the context of my survey questions.

I have been musing over the most appropriate questions to gauge students relationships with pervasive technology and their perceptions of what might be deemed inappropriate usage in a classroom environment. After speaking to a colleague about the term “Alone”, which is often used to depict a state of offline engagement with...
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Distributed content compositing tool

The video below illustrates a project I worked on last summer in collaboration with James Moore for his PHD. The bulk of the system was written in AS3 for Adobe Air. FFMPEG via AS3’s native-process functionality was at the heart of the video processing and Dropbox was the method...
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Codeigniter – Shortcodes library (yet another)

There are a few short-code libraries out there already for Codeigniter but for the project I am currently working on I needed a bit more control. Here is my solution for implementing a short-codes system similar to the one built into WordPress. Each short-code is surrounded by double square brackets ( [[ …...
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sharpen the blur

Three key focus areas to sharpen the blurry focus of my research and one follow on topic: Perceptions of staff and students of the term “digital literacy” (Doug Rushkoff) Whether staff and students feel that technology deepens the connections in institutions (Sherry Turkle) Perceptions of what could be deemed...
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First interview (plan)

Maximum duration: 30mins – 4mins a question Introduction It is widely acknowledged that the majority of students are digital natives, as comfortable in the virtual realms as they are in reality. “Phantom ring” has become a common occurrence in the youth of today. The subservient manner in which students attend...
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Bruce McCall

Whilst installing the Ted Talks plugin onto my Raspberry Pi loaded with XBMC I stumbled upon this captivating talk by Bruce McCall. In particular, I loved some of the terms he used to describe his work: Retro-futurism Techno-archaeology Faux-nostalgia Hyperbolic overkill Shamelessly cheap Urban absurdism    
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Spider Corpse

After a recent post about cyborg insects I have started to consider exploring the menacing nature of merging insects and technology. For a long time, I have been musing over the similarities of cast away, broken umbrellas in public spaces and spider corpses most likely found under the box...
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Scratch programming language

After reading an article written by the creators of the Scratch graphical programming language, where they describe their motivation behind creating a programming environment for children, I am curious to research how the students understand the definition of ‘digital literacy’. The article explains that the activities we commonly associate...
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