7 Sheds

There have been some changes of epic proportion recently and these changes make me very happy. Just before Christmas I finally managed to scrape the pennies together for the deposit on a house, a house desperately in need of renovating / modernising but a house none the less. These things are time consuming, stressful, at times quite emotional and beyond anything else very expensive.

As the list of jobs mount up, the bills roll in and the dust settles on all the boxes of stuff yet to be unpacked I find myself heavily distracted. This might have something to do with the reason I fell in love with the house in the first place. Not for its bricks and mortar, the front garden or any of the other usual highlights. Nope, I am most excited about the 7 sheds. 7 SHEDS! The question now is: what does someone do with 7 sheds? first considerations go as follow:

  • Brewing shed
  • Electronics workshop
  • wood working shed
  • Tool shed
  • Machining shed
  • Brewing shed (can you have too many brewing sheds?)

The most important consequence of this sudden abundance of workshops is that for the last 5 years I have been working out of the kitchen cupboards. Each time I start a project I would drag everything out and at the end of the day no matter what state the project was in I would push it all back into the cupboards, probably not to be seen for a couple of weeks, possibly never again. Progress has been very slow. Finally I have the chance to really invest and immerse myself into concepts and experiments. If I don’t complete the project it stays out in a chaotic, creative mess until I do.

I am not usually one for personal, self-congratulatory rants of this nature but I can’t explain to you (who ever you are? ) how excited I am to be the proud owner of 7 sheds. Only time and the mindless ramblings on this blog will tell if this situation facilitates a more creative, expressive outlet for my ideas. If nothing else at least I can make some really big stuff now!

As I mentioned previously, the house is in desperate need of modernising. We have no gas central heating and heat our water using a very old immersion heater. These archaic beasts are VERY expensive to run and sometimes we forget to turn it off, OUCH. So the first project to come out the shed so far is an web enabled immersion heater controller. Its not installed properly yet so expect a better video in the near future but here it is, all hand made in the sheds:

In the video the interface is running in test mode but eventually the LEDs will count down from 50mins.

Press the button for one second and the count down begins, hold it down for more than one second and the count down resets. Eventually I will develop an app for mobile that will provide the same functionality.

Here is one of the tidier, more useable sheds just to give an impression: