Distributed content compositing tool

The video below illustrates a project I worked on last summer in collaboration with James Moore for his PHD. The bulk of the system was written in AS3 for Adobe Air. FFMPEG via AS3’s native-process functionality was at the heart of the video processing and Dropbox was the method of sharing content between different nodes. The video shows 3 big projection screens driven by a Matrox Tripple Head. The compositing process was distributed across the three screens in such away that from left to right: the first screen allowed the user to explore existing content, select parmeters and control the overall environment, the second screen allows for┬ástylised compositing of the content chosen from the first screen. The users were given free reign to experiment with blend modes, colours and composition though certain aesthetic controls were maintained by the system. The third screen is dedicated to real time playback of the edits.

The system also has a dorment mode which is activated if the system has been inactive for a small amount of time. The system starts to allow the content to swarm across all three screens. The movements are dependant on certain parameters defined by each piece of content.


Untitled from James Moore on Vimeo.