Spider Corpse

spiderAfter a recent post about cyborg insects I have started to consider exploring the menacing nature of merging insects and technology. For a long time, I have been musing over the similarities of cast away, broken umbrellas in public spaces and spider corpses most likely found under the box that hasn’t moved in years. The complex exoskeleton of a spider is an extremely fascinating structure. Equally, the intricate mass production techniques that go into the structural elements of an umbrella and the price of purchase is extremely awe inspiring. I am interested in provoking thoughts about mass production and its parasitic effects on the natural resource and technology in terms of our subservient relations with it. I imagine a very Sterlarc aesthetic to the project with a nod towards Ridley Scott’s, Blade Runner.

I plan to automate the movement of the structure of an umbrella using microservos to make it move like the legs of a spider. To take this further foresee LEDs being attached to the structure and some interesting results from light painting, using a digital SLR with a very slow shutter speed.