DIY Cyborg insects

Feature image of a beatle

Over the last few years, occasionally, a new cyborg animal project pops up on the blogosphere. Most of the time half of me thinks WOW that has a million and one applications and the other half climbs high up on its pedestal making claims of animal cruelty and needless meddling. My curiosity for human cyborg projects is growing rapidly and I am starting to feel like I would quite happily offer up my own fleshy mass in the name of cyborg enhancement. This being said, I still found the video embedded below uncomfortable to watch. The rational side of me agrees with the Article from the Guardian.

Backyard Brains is tapping into this movement, giving amateurs access to some of science’s most sophisticated tools and techniques.”

I am a strong believer in the backyard tinker and making this sort of science available to everyone but there is still a part of me that thinks what did the cockroach do to deserve all this prodding and poking. Either way, it is a seriously interesting part of Science and one that could open the doors to some seriously useful applications.

Just for a bit of balance and context I thought I would add a video from one of Sterlarc’s cyborg projects entitled Ping body. Sterlarc experiments with notions of agency, he relinquishes control of his nervous system to muscle stimulators programmed to respond to network activity in the form of pings to 30 specific domains online.