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Is there still an apparent learner / teacher digital divide and if so how is this perceived by the learner?

QUESTION 1: How would you rate your digital literacy?

Strength: It is important to try and gauge the students perception of their own skills.

Weakness: By what level does the student have to gauge their own ability?


QUESTION 2: Do you believe that your course instructors use technology to its full in the classroom?

Strength: Gives an overall impression of how the student perceives the instructors on their course.

Weakness: To general.


QUESTION 3 (Part A): Give one example of an experience you have had where technology has been utilised successfully in the classroom.

QUESTION 3 (Part B): Can you think of a classroom activity that could me improved by incorporating digital technologies.

Strength: Could reveal some very interesting, random unpredictable answers.

Weakness: Very open and unpredictable. Could be hard to analyse the answers. Too presumptuous, what if the student has not experience technology in the classroom or can’t think of a way to improve the classroom? Could be a wasted question!



Does fast adoption and integration with new digital technologies lead to a better student satisfaction level?

Question 1: Do you use Facebook or any other social network to communicate with members of staff at UCF?


If you use a different social networking tool please specify ________________________________


Question 2: (Likert) The communication infrastructure at UCF is efficient

Strongly disagree <——-  || ———> Strongly agree


Question 3: Each course should have its own Facebook page for communication between peers and instructors

strongly disagree <——-  || ———> Strongly agree



Should student access to their digital identities be restricted when they are in the classroom? (this includes, phones, social networks and content creation / sharing sites).

Question 1: Students should be made to put their mobile phones onto silent when they enter the classroom.

strongly disagree <——-  || ———> Strongly agree


Question 2: Social networks should be blocked during sessions of a seminar nature.

strongly disagree <——-  || ———> Strongly agree


Question 3: Can you think of any way social networks could be useful in a classroom environment?





Question 4: Have you ever checked in on a social network in the classroom at a time, which could be deemed inappropriate?



Question 5: Give an example of a time you perceive it to be inappropriate to check in on a social network: