Survey Questions

I have never had the pleasure of planning, testing and then releasing a survey into the general public. When I first started thinking about designing a survey I thought it would be a simple 5 minute task. The more I look at what I am trying to achieve in my research and think about the importance of the data I hope to receive the harder the task becomes. Just starting out has become a bit of a mind boggling task. For this reason, I have decided the best way to begin creating my survey is by compiling a list of potential  questions based on the subquestions in my research proposal. I intend to come up with 3 questions a day for the next 3 weeks. Each question should be scrutinised to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

I am not sure if this is an overly simplistic task or an epic undertaking which may consume all my efforts. It may end up incomplete but at least by the very nature of setting this task I will have started the survey design and therefor over the first hurdle.

As I compile this extensive list of questions I will be researching best practice, tips and reading other surveys to help form a better understanding of what makes a successful survey. I will be posting any useful informations I find along with the question each day.

So I may as well start as I mean to go on!


Is there still an apparent learner / teacher digital divide and if so how is this perceived by the learner?

QUESTION 1: How would you rate your digital literacy?

Strength: It is important to try and gauge the students perception of their own skills.

Weakness: By what level does the student have to gauge their own ability?


QUESTION 2: Do you believe that your course instructors use technology to its full in the classroom?

Strength: Gives an overall impression of how the student perceives the instructors on their course.

Weakness: To general.


QUESTION 3 (Part A): Give one example of an experience you have had where technology has been utilised successfully in the classroom.

QUESTION 3 (Part B): Can you think of a classroom activity that could me improved by incorporating digital technologies.

Strength: Could reveal some very interesting, random unpredictable answers.

Weakness: Very open and unpredictable. Could be hard to analyse the answers. Too presumptuous, what if the student has not experience technology in the classroom or can’t think of a way to improve the classroom? Could be a wasted question!