First meet

Ten Commandments – starting point

Embryonic pedagogic site on Ning – LINK

The proposal is not a concrete mass and is moldable throughout the year.


Supervisory support:  who is this?

Frame the question then create sub sections.


Summary Article maybe for publication?


Angela’s topic – language of¬†assessment, Self esteem, Critical ability.

*** International vs local English – boundaries, plain english campaign, whats being lost by these boundaries?

mentioned academic tribes

What is my methodology?


Who is this for? what am I trying to leaver? what am I aiming to achieve?


Maybe getting a facebook group for the first years before they do it for themselves and compare how it grows compared to the second years?



Mini task – start by rocking out the 10 commandments on a3 as mind maps.

Write literature review for program of be programmed

*** Jules Kennedy, Jason Whitikar.

Project plan the whole process