Dr. Damian Sutton

Damian Sutton from UCF MEDIA on Vimeo.

The University College Media Centre team recently live streamed a talk by Dr. Damian Sutton, the above embed is the result. The streaming was done as a live, 2 camera edit using a grass valley vision mixer to manage the video feeds and Adobe Live Media Encoder to send the video to our Red5 media server. At the beginning of the talk the audio sounds glitchy, this is because we are using new radio microphones and the host microphone was interfering with the lapel mic, this gets sorted quite early in the recording.

It was a fascinating talk but as we were so busy monitoring the tech side of the event I did not get a chance to fully Engage with what was being said. Luckily, A recording was made of the event as part of the live stream, which I have posted here but can also be found on the UCF Media Centre Vimeo Channel.

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