MA in Creative Education (first look at the course booklet)

Dissertation guidelines:

Work required

  • 2000 word research proposal. (30th of November)
  • 12-15000 word research dissertation. (31st of August)  OUCH
  • 2500 synthesis / summary (30th of September)

The MA in Creative Education is largely self-directed. I will be expected to schedule meetings with my supervisor (not the other way round.)

Example dissertations can be found on the learning space.

Hand in:

2 Copies of the dissertation must be handed in – one electronic and one in print.

5 Preliminary pages (single sided):

  1. Title Page
    • Title and sub title
    • Full name of the author in the centre of the page
    • At the bottom in the centre: A dissertation submitted to the University of College Falmouth in accordance with the requirements of the degree of Maser of Education, by Alcwyn Parker
    • underneath put the date and the word count (excluding contents page and list of references)
  2. Abstract
    • Must include a summary of the dissertation in less than 300 words
  3. dedications & acknowledgements
    • At the descretion of the student writing the dissertation
  4. author declaration
    • I confirm that the research and writing of this assignment are entirely my own and I have not plagiarised any portion of this work. I have not worked with any other person inappropriately by lending notes, papers, disks, files or other materials. I also consent to this work being stored electronically for use within plagiarism detection systems in order to check the integrity of assessed work.SIGNED: ……………………………………………………………. DATE: ……………..(Signature of student/candidate)
  5. table of contentsTable of contents, list of tables and illustrative material
    The table of contents must list in sequence and with page numbers, all chapters, sections and sub-sections, the list of references; as well as abbreviations and appendices. The list of tables and illustrations should follow the table of contents, listing with page numbers the tables, photographs, diagrams in the order in which they appear in the text.



Your dissertation material should be organised as follows:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Dedication and Acknowledgements (if applicable)
  • Author’s Declaration
  • Table of Contents, Tables and Illustrative Material
  • Text – chapters, sections and sub-divisions
  • Appendices – (if any, including media)
  • List of references/Bibliography


  • Referencing should be Harvard System – thank you mendeley
  • paper a4
  • page numbering – bottom centre – title page should count as page 1
  • Text – double or 1.5 line spacing, 12pts, margins should allow for binding 40mm (left) , no less than 15mm else where.


Wednesday 31st August – paper copy to Karen Mansfield (Academic Office) electronic copy to