Pretty vacant

Good things come to those who wait…

I am currently working on an all singing, all dancing extravaganza of a WordPress site but these thing do indeed take time. As a temporary measure I have decided to go completely minimal with the theme Expositi by WPShower.

For a long time now I have been living a disconnected, sporadic and detached virtual life. I settled comfortbly into my home @ but snuck off for seedy weekends with my MA blog @, all the while I have neglected to consider who I am in this global village. has not been properly updated since I left University some 3-4 years ago. Its times to streamline the rich and complicated tapestry that is my virtual life. I intend to bring every facet of my online being together into one compendium of self (or something like that).

From now on everything I do will end up here on, so what is it that I do? 

My all consuming curiosity for technological advancement, experimentation and play.

My love of learning & teaching which manifests it self through my continual training and writing. I have recently passed my PGDIPHE and am about to embark on a top up year to upgrade this to an MAed (very excited)

Interactive artist, Freelance web developer & Technical Instructor for New Media at University Falmouth.


If all goes well things should get pretty hectic around here.


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