Final Survey

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Couple of good quotes from Next Nature – Nature changes along with us

15 years ago, you wondered if you really needed a mobile phone. Five years ago even your grandmother had one. Nowadays, if you leave the house without it, it feels like you are missing a limb. The red flashing light (normally used incases of emergency rather than communication) indicate...
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The Cinema – questioning the context of my survey questions.

I have been musing over the most appropriate questions to gauge students relationships with pervasive technology and their perceptions of what might be deemed inappropriate usage in a classroom environment. After speaking to a colleague about the term “Alone”, which is often used to depict a state of offline engagement with...
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sharpen the blur

Three key focus areas to sharpen the blurry focus of my research and one follow on topic: Perceptions of staff and students of the term “digital literacy” (Doug Rushkoff) Whether staff and students feel that technology deepens the connections in institutions (Sherry Turkle) Perceptions of what could be deemed...
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First interview (plan)

Maximum duration: 30mins – 4mins a question Introduction It is widely acknowledged that the majority of students are digital natives, as comfortable in the virtual realms as they are in reality. “Phantom ring” has become a common occurrence in the youth of today. The subservient manner in which students attend...
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Scratch programming language

After reading an article written by the creators of the Scratch graphical programming language, where they describe their motivation behind creating a programming environment for children, I am curious to research how the students understand the definition of ‘digital literacy’. The article explains that the activities we commonly associate...
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Facebook stats from students?

Whether I like it or not, a lot of my research will be based in and around the connections made on Facebook. It is important to get a sense of how students are using social networks. After a quick google search I stumbled upon WolphramAlpha’s Facebook analytics app. This...
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Survey Questions

I have never had the pleasure of planning, testing and then releasing a survey into the general public. When I first started thinking about designing a survey I thought it would be a simple 5 minute task. The more I look at what I am trying to achieve in...
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fractal to represent a digital sneeze

Digital sneeze

This morning I was involved in the digital documentation of a conference about creative, connected learning. It was a fairly complex set up with multiple cameras, live mixed with audio from atmos and radio microphones. We were also tasked with interviewing guest in the intervals about their experiences at...
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How to Read Academic Papers (Without Losing Your Mind)

Quick notes: 3 Pass read through frame work: Abstract, introduction, conclusion, section headings and any tables or diagrams. Ask yourself: what is the point or thesis? what are the main arguments? why is it important? how does it contribute to my field? TRY TO SUMMARISE THE PAPER WITH A SENTENCE...
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