Flashing GRBL to the new Arduino (2015)

I recently spent an hour of tinkering and struggling trying to upload the GRBL hex file to Arduino via the mac terminal. I tried a lot of different parameters and in the end realised that most of the tutorials are for the older Arduino and the new Arduino communicates...
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Work In Progress Log 31/04/2014 I have had this old Crafter electro-acoustic guitar kicking around the house for ages. It is fantastic to play, really low action, nicely spaced strings and a reasonable sound. The electronics on it have seen better days and even with a fresh battery no...
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7 Sheds

There have been some changes of epic proportion recently and these changes make me very happy. Just before Christmas I finally managed to scrape the pennies together for the deposit on a house, a house desperately in need of renovating / modernising but a house none the less. These...
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Pretty vacant

Good things come to those who wait… I am currently working on an all singing, all dancing extravaganza of a WordPress site but these thing do indeed take time. As a temporary measure I have decided to go completely minimal with the theme Expositi by WPShower. For a long...
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