Rushkoff, D., 2010. Program or be programmed, Soft Skull Press.

*** NOT A GOOD LITERACY REVIEW BUT ITS DONE NOW *** Doug Rushkoff has written ten simple commandments for the survival of “homo-interneticus”. The book has been written in a language that is very accessible, which I believe is an attempt to reach out to an audience that might not...
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Facebook stats from students?

Whether I like it or not, a lot of my research will be based in and around the connections made on Facebook. It is important to get a sense of how students are using social networks. After a quick google search I stumbled upon WolphramAlpha’s Facebook analytics app. This...
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Survey Questions

I have never had the pleasure of planning, testing and then releasing a survey into the general public. When I first started thinking about designing a survey I thought it would be a simple 5 minute task. The more I look at what I am trying to achieve in...
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fractal to represent a digital sneeze

Digital sneeze

This morning I was involved in the digital documentation of a conference about creative, connected learning. It was a fairly complex set up with multiple cameras, live mixed with audio from atmos and radio microphones. We were also tasked with interviewing guest in the intervals about their experiences at...
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How to Read Academic Papers (Without Losing Your Mind)

Quick notes: 3 Pass read through frame work: Abstract, introduction, conclusion, section headings and any tables or diagrams. Ask yourself: what is the point or thesis? what are the main arguments? why is it important? how does it contribute to my field? TRY TO SUMMARISE THE PAPER WITH A SENTENCE...
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First meet

Ten Commandments – starting point Embryonic pedagogic site on Ning – LINK The proposal is not a concrete mass and is moldable throughout the year.   Supervisory support:  who is this? Frame the question then create sub sections.   Summary Article maybe for publication?   Angela’s topic – language...
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Interesting video from Sherry Turkle

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Research Proposal Guidlines

First things first, I need to start preparing the research proposal. (30th November – deadline) What is needed? Title – A meaningful, provisional title. Research Question – Identify the main research questions in the form of bullet points. Background – Literature reviews Significance of review – Describe contribution to  specialist...
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MA in Creative Education (first look at the course booklet)

Dissertation guidelines: Work required 2000 word research proposal. (30th of November) 12-15000 word research dissertation. (31st of August)  OUCH 2500 synthesis / summary (30th of September) The MA in Creative Education is largely self-directed. I will be expected to schedule meetings with my supervisor (not the other way round.) Example...
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