Work In Progress Log 31/04/2014 I have had this old Crafter electro-acoustic guitar kicking around the house for ages. It is fantastic to play, really low action, nicely spaced strings and a reasonable sound. The electronics on it have seen better days and even with a fresh battery no...
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7 Sheds

There have been some changes of epic proportion recently and these changes make me very happy. Just before Christmas I finally managed to scrape the pennies together for the deposit on a house, a house desperately in need of renovating / modernising but a house none the less. These...
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Sound sprites in Processing.js with Howler.js

Download Project Files: Howler.js Demo Tutorial Required Skills: Basic level of Java/Processing. Basic audio editing skills (Adobe Auditions). A tiny bit of JavaScript. Introduction: Sound spriting is a technique very similar to css spriting for images. The process involves compiling all the sounds you intend to use in your...
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Ripple (Processing JS experiment)

Over the summer I have been working on designing a 12 week module in Creative Coding. The intended skill level is complete beginner and as the weeks go by the students will learn from the ground up the basics of programming. The aim of the brief is for each...
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Everything Is A Remix (Full Film)

An interesting documentary by Kirby Ferguson, a New York-based filmmaker. SITE
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Distributed content compositing tool

The video below illustrates a project I worked on last summer in collaboration with James Moore for his PHD. The bulk of the system was written in AS3 for Adobe Air. FFMPEG via AS3’s native-process functionality was at the heart of the video processing and Dropbox was the method...
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Codeigniter – Shortcodes library (yet another)

There are a few short-code libraries out there already for Codeigniter but for the project I am currently working on I needed a bit more control. Here is my solution for implementing a short-codes system similar to the one built into WordPress. Each short-code is surrounded by double square brackets ( [[ …...
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Bruce McCall

Whilst installing the Ted Talks plugin onto my Raspberry Pi loaded with XBMC I stumbled upon this captivating talk by Bruce McCall. In particular, I loved some of the terms he used to describe his work: Retro-futurism Techno-archaeology Faux-nostalgia Hyperbolic overkill Shamelessly cheap Urban absurdism    
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Spider Corpse

After a recent post about cyborg insects I have started to consider exploring the menacing nature of merging insects and technology. For a long time, I have been musing over the similarities of cast away, broken umbrellas in public spaces and spider corpses most likely found under the box...
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ServoHarp close up

ServoHarp – Ollie Williams (Digital Media 2nd year)

  The ServoHarp is an excellent example of student work to come out of the Digital Media course at Falmouth University. At the core of this automated harp is an Arduino Mega and a midi shield. As it stands, the harp receives midi input from Ableton and actuates the...
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