First interview (plan)

Maximum duration: 30mins – 4mins a question


It is widely acknowledged that the majority of students are digital natives, as comfortable in the virtual realms as they are in reality. “Phantom ring” has become a common occurrence in the youth of today. The subservient manner in which students attend to every buzz, ring or notification could well be a dominant factor in technological distraction in the classroom. This research aims to understand the perceptions of acceptable use of technology in the classroom for students and faculty and hopefully produce some key, best practices for minimising the distracting affect of technology, maybe even utilising it to engage the students better.

Lets begin:

Communication with the students

How do you use technology to communicate with students?

Do you use social networks and if so do you communicate with students using them?

Do you allow students to add you as a friend on facebook?

Do you participate in student driven network groups?


Technology as a distraction in the classroom

What are your thoughts about mobile phones in the classroom?

Have you ever had a negative experience of students using technology in the classroom?

Should social network activity be discouraged during classroom sessions?